Celebrating 10 Years of ICCT

From 18th to 24th November, the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – the Hague (ICCT) is celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Founded in 2010, ICCT has since offered tailor made, rule of law inspired, context and culture sensitive projects, training and advice on CT and C/PVE, all over the world.

Join us for a series of online events and key releases with leading experts in the field of counter-terrorism as we discuss the past 10 years in counter-terrorism, key innovations in our field and future directions for our work.

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Don’t miss out on the following events:

Recorded Webinar - 10 Years of ICCT: What's Next?

November 18th, 1600-1700 (CET / GMT+1) We launched the ICCT's 10-year anniversary celebrations with a webinar discussing the past 10 years with ICCT and what comes next in CT. In this webinar, our experts discussed trends in the past and future of CT policy, research and practice. Speakers: Peter Knoope (Founder of ICCT and Former Director), Alexander von Rosenbach (Interim Director), Craig Whiteside (of the US Naval War College), Katherine Bauer (of the Washington Institute) and Jessica White (of RUSI).

Special edition of ICCT’s research journal, "Evolutions in Counter-Terrorism"

November 18th

The webinar will see the launch of a special edition of ICCT’s research journal, "Evolutions in Counter-Terrorism". Divided into two volumes, this special edition features both the past publications curated by ICCT’s past directors and newly published articles on the future of terrorism.

Special edition ICCT’s research journal "Evolutions in Counter-Terrorism"

Special Edition Volume 1







Flashpoints: an Interactive Game on Counter-Terrorism

November 19th

Our anniversary will also feature the launch of a new and innovative knowledge product: an interactive multimedia game. Examining the aftermath of a key incident in the study of terrorism, this narrative places readers in the perspective of practitioners, policy-makers and the general public as they navigate important dilemmas in the field of counter-terrorism.

Flashpoints is a text-based interactive game that draws upon research and expertise by ICCT into counter-terrorism strategic communications, rule of law aspects of CT and criminal justice responses to terrorism.

Play the game here

Presentation of Handbook on Counter-Terrorism

November 24th, 1600-1730 (CET / GMT+1)

In this webinar, Prof. em Alex. P Schmid will present the Handbook of Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness. This ambitious joint project aims to be an authoritative resource on anticipatory counter-terrorism and features contributions from leading experts in the field. He will be joined by prominent authors who contributed to the Handbook.

Handbook of Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness

November 24th.

The Handbook of Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness, edited by Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid. This ambitious joint project aims to be an authoritative resource on anticipatory counter-terrorism and features contributions from 40 experts in the field.

Prof. em. Schmid, former Officer-in-Charge of the UN Terrorism Prevention Branch in Vienna, and Research Fellow of ICCT, will present in the webinar with some of his fellow contributors to share some key insights and goals of the project.

Read it here.

Handbook 2020