Mission and values

Our Vision

We envision a world where societies are resilient to radicalisation and polarisation, and where citizens are protected by effective responses to terrorism and violent extremism that are grounded in human rights and the rule of law.   


Our Mission

We aim to shape effective and evidence-based policies and practices in counter-terrorism (CT) and preventing/countering violent extremism (P/CVE). To do this, ICCT connects three distinct groups of stakeholders: policy-makers and practitioners, researchers, and the general public. We act as a bridge between academic research methods and knowledge, on the one hand, and policy concerns and priorities, on the other hand. Furthermore, we are committed to a public-oriented mission, by continuously informing the public debate on terrorism and violent extremism-related issues.  


Our Values

We are convinced that CT and P/CVE responses must firmly comply with human rights and the rule of law. Any deviation from these principles risks producing more harm than good. We recognise that inclusive and pluralistic societies are made of diverse ideas, including radical ones. We condemn, however, extremist ideologies that seek to divide, discriminate or stigmatise. We actively work to prevent and counter ideologically-driven violence, threats or incitements to political violence. 

ICCT’s daily work is also values-driven. We actively promote research and researchers’ integrity. We are also committed to strengthening diversity, gender equity and sustainability across all aspects of our organisation. For instance, ICCT has developed a Sustainability Policy setting out priorities for sustainability to be reflected in its regular activities, its research, its projects, and its own behaviour. ICCT also implemented a Gender Equality Plan, describing the commitments and actions taken to consider gender dimensions consistently in our work. 

mission and values