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Beatrice de Graaf to Hold Annual Lecture at FORUM

October 22, 2010

ICCT Research Fellow Beatrice de Graaf will hold the annual lecture at FORUM institute for Multicultural Affairs on the topic: ‘The Extreme Other Within Our Society’. Mass Mobilisation and spectacle are not new phenomena in Dutch history, however, the situation after 9/11 has changed substantially. Where are we now? What is the result of the measures and laws that attempt to decrease the terrorist threat? Do we now know the ‘extreme other’; do we know our terrorists? And did we also react in an extreme way to this threat? In her lecture, De Graaf will look into the effects of measures taken in the name of national security on social order. How do legitimate security measures targeted at dangerous 'others' relate to the quality of life, faith and a just society? Our society has changed after almost ten years of fighting terrorism. We are more secure and less afraid of a terrorist attack. But what about the fear of the other? And equally important, what will happen to those ‘others’ in our society? Please click here for the invitation and programme (in Dutch)