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ICCT Commentary

June 09, 2010

The first ICCT Commentary has now been published on the website. ICCT Commentary features short opinion pieces by ICCT Research Fellows and Staff. The commentaries cover a wide choice of topics, ranging from analysis of current affairs to dissemination of research findings. In the first ICCT Commentary, entitled "Decrease in Global Terrorism Threat: Now Look for Means to Sustain It", ICCT Research Fellow Edwin Bakker reflects upon the conclusions by Insurance Company Aon that (inter-)national counter-terrorism efforts have caused a decrease in the global terrorism threat level and have stifled the ability of terrorist groups to mount significant attacks on the scale of those of September 11, 2001. He argues that governments need to reflect on the effectiveness of counter-terrorism policies, paying close attention to the possible counterproductive effects of at least some of their actions and to the question whether the underlying causes –not just the visible threats and consequences of terrorism– are sufficiently addressed.