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ICCT in the Media: 20 years after 9/11

September 27, 2021

Read and listen to analyses in the media by ICCT experts relating to the 20 years following 9/11.

10.9.2021: ICCT Director Thomas Renard reflects on the effects of 9/11 on Belgian counter-terrorism practices in this article in Le Soir (French).

11.9.2021: ICCT Director Thomas Renard argues that IS is partially a consequence of the War on Terror, and that there are multiple lessons to be learned from the Western response in 2001. Read more about this in this article in De Tijd (Dutch).

11.9.2021: ICCT Senior Research Fellow and Programme Lead Teun van Dongen reflected on Western attitudes towards 9/11 over the past twenty years in the NPO Radio 1 podcast ‘Dr Kelder and Co’. Listen to the full episode here (Dutch).

11.9.2021: ICCT Director Thomas Renard discusses the new forms of terrorism that have emerged since 9/11. Furthermore, Renard argues that the current processes regarding the Paris attacks cause an even larger threat. Read the interview with L'Echo here (French).

11.9.2021: ICCT Director Thomas Renard discusses the current status of terrorism and counter-terrorism on a global level in an article in Le Vif. Read more about the current emerging threats according to Dr Renard here (French). 

17.9.2021 ICCT Senior Project Manager Joana Cook talks about the enduring impact of 9/11 on people's lives today. Watch the full interview with France 24 here.