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ICCT in the Media: ICCT Experts on Al-Qaeda Losing Al-Zawahiri

August 03, 2022

On 2 August 2022, ICCT experts were interviewed by several media outlets after the death of Al-Qaeda's leader al-Zawahiri due to the United States drone strike. Thomas Renard and Teun van Dongen shared their expertise on the subject matter and commented on what the future might hold for Al-Qaeda.

RBTF interviewed Thomas Renard, Director of ICCT, to provide his expertise on the background of al-Zawahiri and what the leader meant for Al-Qaeda. In this interview, Renard also commented on the longevity of the organisation and the role of al-Zawahiri. In a second article, RBTF highlighted Renard's take on whether Al-Qaeda still poses a threat to the world.

In addition, Renard was interviewed by Le Soir to inquire about the impact al-Zawahiri's death will have on Al-Qaeda. The interview focuses on how the terrorist organisation's capacity to inflict violence will be altered.

On top of which, Swiss newspaper Le Temps  was aiming to understand how al-Zawahiri's death could forge a new strategy in Al-Qaeda. Here, Renard's insight and analysis of the presence of United States intelligence in Afghanistan sheds light onto the situation.

In other news, TV5 Monde also invited Thomas Renard to a debate on on the repatriation of children from Syria. Click here to watch the debate.

Teun van Dongen, Senior Research Fellow at ICCT, was interviewed by the NOS to share his perspective on what is left of Al-Qaeda after the latest development. Dongen made comments on how the terrorist organisation strategizes and if that poses any international threat. Learn more about his expert intake here.

Furthermore, RTL Nieuws invited Dongen to share his expertise over a television broadcast.  Nieuwsuur also interviewed Teun van Dongen to share his insight on the matter and discuss regarding the group's expansion into local conflicts in Syria, Somalia and Libya. The interview also holds Dongen's expert take on Al-Qaeda's future leadership.