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ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on the attack in Brussels

October 17, 2023

On Tuesday 17th of October 2023, Thomas Renard was interviewed by Le Soir, a Belgian newspaper, on the effects of the context and the jihadist offer undoubtedly increase the threat. He comments that the threat never completely disappeared. Today, Islamist organizations like Daesh and Al Qaeda are reorganizing. The international context and the jihadist offer increase the danger weighing on Europe.

Abdesalem Lassoued acted alone, with a strong digital footprint, which constitutes “the profile considered to be the most at risk”, notes Thomas Renard. At the same time, an extreme context favorable to terrorism has gradually emerged.

Read the full interview (in French):

Thomas Renard : « Le contexte et l’offre djihadiste accroissent indubitablement la menace »