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ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on Israel-Hamas War impact in Europe

November 06, 2023

On Monday, 6th of November 2023, Thomas Renard was interviewed by Voice of America (VOA), a state-owned news network and international radio broadcaster of the United States of America, on the implications of the Israel-Hamas War for security in Europe. 

“There is a lot of tension running across Europe, with acts of vandalism, or arson attacks on synagogues, threats formulated on and offline against specific targets — clearly in relation [to the war] between Hamas and Israel,” said Thomas.“It is not yet terrorism,” he added. “But it’s clear we are seeing more of these tensions with violent incidents related to them,” including from European bans on pro-Palestinian protests over fears of violence.

“Images of dead Muslim children will further serve the propaganda of Islamic State and al-Qaida,” Renard concluded. 

Read the full interview: 

Israel-Hamas War Poses New Security Challenges for Europe