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ICCT staff in the media on recent terrorist arrests

October 01, 2018

Following the recent arrests of seven terror suspects by the Dutch Police, several ICCT staff have discussed this 'terrorist plot' on Dutch National television. ICCT Director Renske van der Veer appeared in the news show Nieuwsuur, discussing radicalisation and deradicalisation of terror suspects. ICCT Research Fellow Edwin Bakker was in Buitenhof to comment on the arrests and the implications. Research Fellow Daan Weggemans appeared in an item of 1Vandaag, a Dutch news show, and was interviewed by the Volkskrant about one of the arrested suspects.   Research Fellow Bart Schuurman commented on the recent arrests of suspected terrorists in the Netherlands on the Dutch television show Pauw. (in Dutch) Research Fellow Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn discussed the recent arrests of 7 suspected terrorist in the Netherlands on the Dutch television show RTL Late Night. (in Dutch)

Universitair docent terrorismebestrijding Bart Schuurman over verijdelde aanslag, 2018, PAUW