Zoha Waseem is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Global City Policing, University College London and Co-Coordinator of the Urban Violence Research Network. She has previously worked as a Teaching Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, where she taught on international security. Prior to joining UCL, Zoha was a doctoral candidate at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, where her research focused on the impact of securitisation policies on the culture of urban policing in Pakistan. At KCL, she was also a senior editor for Strife Blog. She is currently working on various projects on urban (in)security, police-minority relations, migration, militarised policing, institutional reform, and postcolonial policing in Asia and Africa. She is also broadly interested in national security, religious extremism, and collective action in South Asia. She holds an MA in Terrorism, Security and Society, from King's College London, and an LLB from SOAS. She has previously worked for Interpol in Lyon, France, and for number of news channels in Pakistan. She frequently contributes to policy reports, newspapers, and international conferences. She also previously served as an ICCT Editorial board member.