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Fulco van Deventer

Associate Fellow, Preventing / Countering Violent Extremism


Fulco van Deventer is Associate Fellow at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) and the Co-founder and Deputy Director of the Human Security Collective (HSC). He has extensive experience in the fields of security, counter-terrorism, countering violent extremism, de-radicalisation, human rights, human security and resilience as well as justice and reconciliation. He started his career as a consultant on governmental reform in the Caribbean Island States and on post-war reconstruction in Lebanon. In a long-term assignment for Dutch funding agencies he worked with a variety of civil society organisations in South-East Asia, India, Colombia, Guatemala, West-Africa and the Middle-East in building their institutional and strategic capacities.

For the past ten years he has focused on strengthening the capacity of civil society actors in conflict areas and fragile states to enhance their role in conflict prevention, security and countering violent extremism. At HSC and ICCT, he works on the nexus between counter-terrorism measures, security and civil society engagement, as well as facilitating dialogue to set adequate conditions for civil society to play an effective role in security issues. He is also involved in ICCT's Civil Society Engagement project in Nigeria and supports the implementation of United Security Council Resolutions through regional and national workshops.