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Luc Chounet-Cambas


Luc Chounet-Cambas is an independent consultant with over twenty years of experience working with organisations, governments, non-state and civil society actors, in the design and implementation of programmes in fragile and conflict affected environments.

Luc has designed, led and managed large teams and portfolios in relation to Research, Monitoring & evaluation, civil society support, peacebuilding, disarmament and stabilization programming. Over the past ten years, he has been working on conflict dynamics and security challenges in several regional security crisis, including but not limited to the Sahel, the Lake Chad regional crisis, Iraq and Syria’s regional crisis, south-east Asia and the Philippines.

His most recent work focuses on the provision of technical expertise on matters of strategy development, conflict analysis, Project design, evaluation, adaptation and Learning, for interventions related to mediation, peacebuilding, stabilization, armed violence reduction and disengagement from violent extremist groups (PRR/DDRRR).

Luc contributed to guidance material on matters of disengagement from designated armed groups (2021), advised on matters of disarmament in Syria (2018), authored a practitioner guide to ceasefires in 2011, and a subsequent ceasefire reading pack for the UK Stabilisation Unit in 2016. He has worked with a broad range of multilateral, private and non-governmental organisations, and holds an MPhil in political science and African studies from La Sorbonne Paris I University. Luc is based in Geneva, Switzerland.