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Mónica Tolosa

Communications and Events Intern


Mónica joined the ICCT in August 2023.  She received a BA Honours in International Relations in 2022 from the University of Birmingham, writing her thesis on how Euroscepticism is used as a strategy by populist parties. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Crisis and Security Management at Leiden University with a specialisation in the governance of radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. Her main research interests include strategic communications, as well as P/CVE.

In the past, Mónica served as a research intern at GINA HQ, a social enterprise offering special support for survivors of sexual violence and abuse across the UK. She explored how sexual violence and assault may be perceived by the victims, and how to support them through the Criminal Justice system. Later, she went on to create a website and drafting summaries of academic journals and legal documents to provide accessibility to survivors. She has also worked with the sexual violence team at the Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights to create awareness about the African situation and challenges through their digital platforms.