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Impact Evaluation of a P/CVE Training Programme

ICCT is conducting an external impact evaluation for the Dutch government training institute “Rijksopleidingsinstituut tegengaan Radicalisering” (ROR). The aim of this impact evaluation is to gain insight into the impact of the entry-level 1-day training programme on radicalisation and extremism. The target group of the training is frontline practitioners, government officials and law enforcement who may encounter radicalisation and extremism in their work. The training aims to help the target group better recognise, understand and act on (signs of) radicalisation and extremism.

The evaluation examines the effect of the training on participants’ knowledge, actions, and intention to share and secure the obtained knowledge and skills in their institutions. The evaluation also examines which topics and follow-up trainings participants are interested in after the training, and offers suggestions for innovative and feasible options to structurally embed evaluations within the ROR. The impact evaluation employs a results monitoring framework and a mixed methods approach, including surveys, interviews observations and a focus group. The evaluation uses three measurement moments: a baseline measurement prior to the training, a measurement immediately after the training and a measurement six months after the training.

The results of the impact evaluation will be documented in a report, and shared with the stakeholders at a mid-term and final presentation to generate awareness, and discuss good practices, lessons learned and ways forward.