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Supporting Iraq Civil Society in Effective PCVE

Nearly three years since the collapse of the so-called caliphate established by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Iraq continues to face a myriad of significant challenges in relation to radicalisation and violent extremism. Moreover, other forms of inter-sectarian or inter-ethnic conflict continue to pose a risk to social cohesion and peacebuilding throughout the country. As a result, there is a strong and pressing need to address local drivers of violence and extremism.

Against this backdrop, while many organisations — local and international alike — recognise the need for programming to address this, there is limited knowledge among Iraqi civil society organisations of state-of-the art approaches and/or current best practices in the field of Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE). Thus, while (international) NGOs working in Iraq may have experience in social cohesion, they often lack the capacities needed to implement impactful PVE programmes and initiatives.

This project, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, seeks the provision of recommendations, guidance, and co-creation support to applicant (I)NGOs seeking funding for PVE-related projects.  It is intended to address these critical gaps, and to ensure that (I)NGOs working in Iraq develop proposals that are relevant, sound, and take into account contemporary PVE approaches when addressing violent extremism in different governorates throughout Iraq. Along the way, participant (I)NGOs will have improved their understanding of good project design (theory of change, monitoring and evaluation, and activity planning, etc) as well as state of the art PVE approaches, the drivers of violent extremism, and factors for peace. This will better position them to sustainably contribute to long-term peace and stability in Iraq. 

About the project

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ICCT first reviewed and amended key documents from SILM funding facility’s 1st call for proposals, and then conducted a preliminary evaluation of 35 concept notes to support GIZ shortlisting of the 2nd call for proposals. ICCT provided in-depth training on both good project design and project development/ writing to 15 shortlisted applicant (I)NGOs. This included mentoring these (I)NGOs through a co-creation process, with each applicant being assigned an international PVE expert. Over October 2022, moreover, ICCT coordinated two two-day training workshops, with simultaneous translation into Arabic. This was done to support them into strengthening and developing their concept notes into fully-fledged proposals. 

At the conclusion of the first phase of this project, ICCT conducted a final evaluation and recommended 10 proposals for final GIZ selection for SILM funding. ICCT will continue to support Iraqi civil society organisations -- and international funding efforts -- concerned with PVE activities through co-creation in the next round of funding delivered through this mechanism.