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Policy Brief

Paris: 11/13/15 - Analysis and Policy Options

The November 13th attacks on carefully chosen targets in Paris have been claimed by the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" (IS) and were deliberately meant to kill and injure as many civilians as possible. The attacks were complex and well-coordinated, involving homegrown as well as (returned) foreign fighters (FFs). Judging by the terrorists’ tactics and methods, the Paris attacks indeed bear IS’s trademark. “Paris” was the latest in a string of IS attacks outside Syria and Iraq, and suggest that IS has shifted its attention away from the caliphate to external targets to create fear and undermine societies elsewhere, notably in anti-IS coalition members. As such, it marks a significant shift in IS’s operations and illustrates the vulnerabilities of European security services and the impossibility of exercising full control.

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Picture source: Roberto Maldeno / Paris November 2015 / Flickr / CC