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Terrorism in the Age of Technology

11 Dec 2019
Long read by Renske van der Veer

Terrorists are and have always been children of their time - like you and me. We increasingly make use of modern technology, whether it is by ordering groceries through an app or reading articles selected through artificial intelligence (AI). These benefits come with a downside: those with bad intentions might use these technologies as well.

In this Report for Clingendael's Strategic Monitor 2019-2020, ICCT Director Renske van der Veer completed a study on Terrorism in the Age of Technology, which aims to put the threat posed by the use of technology in terrorism to the West, more specifically to The Netherlands, in perspective. It will reflect in particular on the signals to watch in the Global Security Pulse on 'Terrorism in the Age of Tech' (tracks emerging security trends and risks worldwide). Moreover, it will reflect on the probability and evidence-based nature of the threats that are prominent in this publication and highlight some threats that have not been included.