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Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses

Episode 1: What is anti-institutional extremism?

In this first episode, we speak to Tore Bjørgo, Director of the Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo, and Bàrbara Molas, Researcher of Current and Emerging Threats at ICCT.  

Tore and Bàrbara seek to provide a definition of what anti-institutional extremism is and what it is not. They also discuss who is involved in anti-institutional extremism, if these actors are uniform in their approach, and how the phenomenon has evolved. They also discuss the concerns around labelling this movement, and where to draw the line between legal protests and actions that require a response.  

About this series

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“Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses” is an ICCT podcast series that explores forms of extremism that oppose the government and the perceived oppression from a globalised elite, often fueled by conspiracy narratives and disinformation. This series analyses what anti-institutional extremism looks like in North America and Europe today, and how it can be addressed and countered — through conversations with practitioners, academics, and policy-makers.