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Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses

Episode 2: Anti-institutional extremism in North America 

In this second episode, we speak to Martha Crenshaw, senior fellow emerita at The Center for International Security and Cooperation (C-SAC) and Freedman Spogli Institute, and a professor of political science by courtesy at Stanford, and Arie Perlinger, Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Martha and Arie focus on specific examples of anti-institutional extremism in North America. They also consider who is involved in anti-institutional extremism, what their ideological basis is, how and why the phenomenon is evolving, and how these actors are linked across the US and with actors/movements in Europe.

About this series

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“Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses” is an ICCT podcast series that explores forms of extremism that oppose the government and the perceived oppression from a globalised elite, often fueled by conspiracy narratives and disinformation. This series analyses what anti-institutional extremism looks like in North America and Europe today, and how it can be addressed and countered — through conversations with practitioners, academics, and policy-makers.