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Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses

Episode 4: Countering anti-institutional extremism in Europe

In this fourth episode, we speak to Erik Akerboom, Director General of the Dutch domestic intelligence service, the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), since May 2020.  

Mr Akerboom seeks to provide a definition of anti-institutional extremism from the AIVD perspective, to explain the unique challenges for national intelligence services to counter this type of extremism and to analyse the potential legal implications. He also dives into an extensive and public report recently published by AIVD on anti-institutional extremism in the Netherlands.   

About this series

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“Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses” is an ICCT podcast series that explores forms of extremism that oppose the government and the perceived oppression from a globalised elite, often fueled by conspiracy narratives and disinformation. This series analyses what anti-institutional extremism looks like in North America and Europe today, and how it can be addressed and countered — through conversations with practitioners, academics, and policy-makers.