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Press release

ICCT and International Gender Champions

08 Apr 2021
IGC alex

ICCT is proud to have become a member of the International Gender Champions hub in The Hague. By joining IGC, we aim to impact and drive the transformations needed to ensure equal rights and opportunities. We aim to do so for women and men in the field of counter-terrorism. Together with the other members of the IGC hub, we hope to generate the momentum required to attain meaningful change in the city of Peace and Justice and beyond. 

ICCT will commit to educating all current and future staff on how to apply a gender lens to their work. We will use the Gender-Based Analysis Plus training by the Government of Canada. We recognize the value of conducting our research, projects and publications with gender-based analysis in mind.

Furthermore, ICCT commits to ensuring that harmful stereotypes and gendered norms are not present in our work by including gender-inclusive guidelines in the ICCT Journal Author Guideline, as well as in our internal communications guides for our outreach. We want to ensure that both our contributors and our audience see this gender equity at work.