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ICCT in the Media: Kacper Rekawek on Nepalese foreign fighters in the Russian Army

February 13, 2024

On Tuesday, 13th of February 2024, Kacper Rekawek was quoted by Denník N, a Slovak daily newspaper, on the claim that 15,000 Nepalese foreign fighters are currently fighting in the Russian Army and the reasons behind their enrollment.

Kacper expressed scepticism about the claim. "The Russians do not have the logistical capabilities for enrolling thousands of Nepalese. Keep in mind the troubles Russians had with integrating Serbs (in their troops). There was an internal rebellion against the conditions they had despite their culture being similar to the Russian one. You can imagine how difficult would be to integrate people from Nepal or similar countries into the army," he stated.

He also discussed why some Nepalese men enrolled in the Russian Army, explaining one of the reasons is linked to the salary. "It is an attractive salary for them. They have a base of one thousand dollars, additional payments for participation in war, or in dangerous missions", he said.

Read the full article (in Slovak): 

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