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ICCT in the Media: Tanya Mehra on the Gaza conflict leading to possible violent extremism in the Middle East and outside

December 21, 2023

On Wednesday, 20th of December 2023, Tanya Mehra was interviewed by DW, a German broadcaster, about how the Gaza conflict may lead to radicalisation or violent extremism in the Middle East and other regions. 

" (...) all kinds of groups are trying to exploit the conflict for their own ends", Mehra said. "From far-right groups that use it to fuel anti-immigration sentiment and antisemitism to the alleged involvement of Russia in the painting of Stars of David on Parisian walls in November, as well as other nations far from the actual conflict".

Mehra also noted, "We're also seeing the conflict lead to increased radicalization and violent extremism in south and southeast Asia". 

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