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ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on the arrest of Hamas members in Germany and Netherlands

December 15, 2023

On Friday, 15th of November 2023, Thomas Renard was quoted by France Inter, a major French public radio channel and part of Radio France, on the arrest of individuals linked to Hamas in Germany and the Netherlands.

He commented: "...(it) is surprising since Hamas is known in the EU for having networks primarily focused on fundraising, mobilising sympathisers, but not for planning and carrying out violent actions in the EU. Hamas is essentially a nationalist and territorial group. There was a precedent in 2003 when Hamas recruited two British citizens who carried out a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. However, it was a case of recruitment, and the attack was committed in Israel. So, this would be entirely new here, and obviously, it would be a new cause for concern since the jihadist terrorist threat is already particularly high. So if, adding to that, Hamas were to plan operations in the EU, it would obviously add an additional level of threat, which would be particularly worrying."

Listen to the full interview (in French):

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