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ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on the Future of the Terrorist Threat

June 29, 2022

On 28 June, ICCT Director Thomas Renard was invited by VoA to comment on the closing of the November 2015 Paris Attacks Trial and the future of the terrorism landscape. Thomas discussed the return to the politics of great power rivalries and the more traditional nature of international relations, stating that terrorism may become a lesser priority at the international level. Thomas also noted that the war in Ukraine could spin off other security threats, such as potential implications related to the influx of foreign volunteers in Ukraine. “If this conflict continues over time and loses international attention, you could see some of these battalions splinter and reorganize along with more ideological narratives. And that could become another form of terrorist organization”, he said.

You can read the full article below.


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As Key French Terror Trial Ends, Europe Faces New Security Landscape.