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ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on the Likelihood of Repercussions in Europe from the Israel-Hamas Crisis

December 15, 2023

On Friday 15th of December 2023, Thomas Renard was quoted by Le Monde, a French daily afternoon newspaper, on the likelihood of repercussions in Europe following the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

He said “They especially feared a phenomenon of “ricochet” of actions inspired by this war. It was noted that jihadist groups, not allied to Hamas, were using the conflict and its images to fuel their propaganda and create a context conducive to radicalisation, recruitment, and potentially violent actions. We would be dealing with a different scenario if the direct involvement of Hamas was confirmed,” he noted.

He continued by analysing "If this is indeed the case, the arrests announced Thursday by the German prosecutor's office would constitute a turning point. Hamas has never carried out an attack on European soil, and the last attack claimed by a Palestinian group took place in Cyprus in 1988. Two Britons recruited by Hamas carried out an attack in 2003 but in Israel. We know that the movement has networks in Europe responsible for fundraising or recruitment, but it was not active there. If things have changed, vigilance will have to be further increased," judged Thomas.

Read the full article (in French):

Quatre membres présumés du Hamas soupçonnés d’avoir planifié des attentats arrêtés en Allemagne et aux Pays-Bas