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Press release

Launch of ICCT's Monitoring & Evaluation Centre of Excellence

13 May 2024

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) is pleased to announce the establishment of its Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Centre of Excellence, aimed at advancing evidence-based evaluation and decision-making in the field of Counter-Terrorism and Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (CT and P/CVE). 

Why the CT and P/CVE field needs an M&E Centre of Excellence 

The underdevelopment and underutilisation of evidence-based evaluations in the CT and P/CVE field pose significant challenges, risking the replication of ineffective interventions and impeding sustainable impact. ICCT recognises M&E as a fundamental practice for addressing these challenges. The Centre of Excellence is committed to advancing M&E practices and overcoming barriers such as negative evaluation cultures, limited resources, and skepticism regarding the feasibility of evaluations in sensitive areas.  

“The CT and P/CVE field is characterised by fixed-term projects and ad-hoc evaluations, impeding sustained progress towards learning and long-term impact. Our mission is to integrate M&E as a fundamental component in all CT and P/CVE efforts, leveraging its results to inform evidence-based practices in the field. The Centre of Excellence transcends temporal constraints and connects diverse CT and P/CVE stakeholders to foster positive evaluation cultures, overcome barriers to impact measurement, and strengthen CT and P/CVE efforts,” said Aileen van Leeuwen, ICCT’s M&E Officer and Research Fellow, who has been leading the development of the M&E Centre of Excellence.  

Services offered by ICCT's M&E Centre of Excellence 

The M&E Centre of Excellence connects policy-makers, practitioners, funders, implementers, M&E professionals and academia working on CT and P/CVE – through training, research, evaluation support and exchanges – to better understand their (collective) impact, (im)prove their effectiveness and increase value for money. The Centre offers a range services to support stakeholders in the CT and P/CVE field.  

“Leveraging our expertise, ICCT's M&E Centre of Excellence establishes a platform for evidence-based CT and P/CVE efforts, to increase our projects' impact and empower others to design and analyse effective interventions,” said Antoine Baudon, ICCT Business Manager and Deputy Director. 




We are happy to start the conversation on any of these services, please click here to get in touch. The services can be delivered in English, Dutch and French. 

About ICCT 

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) is one of the leading think tanks on counter-terrorism worldwide. It provides research, policy advice, good practices recommendations and capacity building support for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers worldwide. It was founded in 2010, and is based in The Hague, Netherlands. 


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