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In the media: Adrian Shtuni on the impact of the Israel-Gaza conflict in the Western Balkans

February 22, 2024

On Thursday, 22nd of February 2024, Adrian Shtuni was interviewed by Voice of America on how the Israel-Gaza conflict is escalating polarisation in the Western Balkans

"This is a very important conflict. We have seen it from the wide attention it requires, from consumption, from the public, of information about the conflict. In itself, as a conflict, it has a lot of impact both in the humanitarian and security aspect because there is a closer connection with the people of Palestine and the Problem of Palestine in the Western Balkans for religious reasons," Shtuni stated.

Among other things, Shtuni emphasises the increase of hate speech, disinformation and misinformation in the region and introduces the suspicion of some external elements using this conflict to infiltrate problematic narratives. But, he added, "we have not seen elements that would lead us to think that a new wave of foreign fighters is being prepared to fight from the Balkans in Gaza".

Read the full article (in Albanian):

Shtuni: Konfliki në Lindje të Mesme po përshkallëzon polarizimin në Ballkanin Perëndimor