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In the media: Bibi van Ginkel on Whether the Netherlands Should be Worried about the Possible ISIS Threat after the Attack in Moscow

April 26, 2024

On Friday, 26th of March 2024, Bibi van Ginkel was interviewed by the Dutch media RTL Nieuws about whether the Netherlands should be worried about the possible ISIS threat after the attack in Moscow.  

"The rise of Isis-K has been going on for some time," says Van Ginkel. "The IS caliphate may have been defeated, but there were still several regional branches, including Isis-K. This branch initially focused mainly on the Taliban," said van Ginkel. "Isis-K's target group is now broader. That is why the group is now also active in Europe", she added.

Read the full article (in Dutch):

Isis-K doorgedrongen in Europa: ook zorgen voor Nederland?