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Press release

Now Live: The Interlinkages Database

02 Nov 2023

The newly launched Interlinkages Database serves as a unique interactive repository of cases where alleged terrorists have been and are being prosecuted cumulatively for terrorism offences and core international crimes. The database will serve as a useful tool for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers by increasing the understanding of the nexus between terrorism and core international crimes, and assist in enhancing prosecutorial strategies and evidence collection and providing more justice to victims.

At the heart of the Database are two interactive tools on the homepage which allow users to explore the distribution of cumulative charges on a geographical and chronological scale. Through the extensive search function, users can apply a variety of filters to search cases from various European countries. Users can further start more individual searches by using the text search function. Sections on the methodology and background of the project provide more information to the scope of the database, focusing on Syria and Iraq-related cases that are being prosecuted in European countries. Individual country pages provide a brief overview of the legal framework and major developments concerning the cumulative prosecution of alleged terrorists.

The database will be updated frequently following constant monitoring of relevant spaces to reflect recent developments in ongoing and new cases. Users who are aware of relevant cases that are not yet included in the database are encouraged to reach out to ICCT to further enhance the comprehensiveness of the database.

The Interlinkages Database is a project supported by the Swedish Ministry of Justice. Together, we aim to enhance the accountability of alleged terrorists for the full range of crimes they have committed.