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Press release

Radicalisation Awareness Network Contract Announcement

07 Jan 2021

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague (ICCT) is proud to announce that the European Commission - DG Home has awarded our consortium with the contract "HOME/2019/ISFP/PR/RADX/0075 — Technical Support to Prevent and Counter Radicalisation, for Policy Makers and Researchers: Support and Exchanges on Radicalisation".

This consortium includes 16 partners from 9 member states, ranging from public authorities to private companies, renowned academics, think-tanks and foundations active in preventing and fighting against violent radicalisation. The consortium is led by CIVIPOL.

This EC contract is dedicated towards directly supporting EU Member States and the Commission in countering violent radicalisation through ensuring that the Commission is equipped with the best academic knowledge on extremism, as well as dedicated tools and support towards strategic communication.

The contract will touch upon multiple sensitive topics such as the spread of violent extremist ideologies online and offline, polarisation in local communities, management of foreign terrorist fighters and their families, radicalisation in prisons and rehabilitation of ex-offenders.

Along with the members of our consortium, we at ICCT are delighted to be part of this new and decisive initiative. We are collectively proud to have been chosen to support the EU Member States and the Commission and we are thrilled with the perspective of working in unison with the contract supporting practitioners under the coordination of the European Commission.