Anna Kruglova is a Visiting Fellow for the Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Programme at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in November 2022.  

She is Lecturer of Terrorism Studies at the School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford. Anna is also an author of the book Terrorist Propaganda, Recruitment and Branding: Selling Terror Online. Anna  has a PhD in International studies from Queen’s University Belfast. She also holds an MA in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London and MSc in Security Studies from UCL.

Her research interests are focusing on terrorist propaganda, and she is particularly interested in exploring the role of Internet, media, and social media in the recruitment process and radicalisation. Currently, Anna’s is working towards the research on the far right and the role of disinformation and misinformation in international relations.

During her time at ICCT, Anna will be working on QAnon and the ways the movement radicalizing its online supporters to violence.