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Dervla Mcneice



Dervla Mcneice joined the International Centre for Counter-terrorism in April 2019 where she is a researcher and editor of the ICCT journal. Dervla holds a Master’s degree with distinction in International Relations from the University of Leeds, UK. Her research interests include, inter alia, the role of leadership in terrorist groups, charismatic authority, and the anthropology of terrorism—particularly the liminality of terrorism, on which she wrote her MA thesis. Prior to joining ICCT, Dervla was in Bangkok, Thailand working with the United Nations Development Programme's Preventing Violent Extremism team. There, she worked on PVE national action plan implementation in Asia-Pacific, as well as on broader terrorism issues in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. She also worked as a research assistant for the Hudson Institute's Centre for Political-Military Analysis. Her work at ICCT centres around acquiring, editing, and publishing top-tier scholarship in the ICCT Journal, as well as internal research and project work—particularly on traditional leadership and terrorism. Follow Dervla on Twitter @dervlamcneice.