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Giulia Nuij

Rule of Law Responses to Terrorism Intern


Giulia joined the ICCT in October 2023. She holds a BSc from Universiteit van Amsterdam in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) where she majored in Law. Giulia is in the process of completing her European Law LL.M and her Public International Law LL.M at Universiteit Leiden. She is currently writing her thesis on the limitations that the European Consensus doctrine imposes on the ECtHR.

Her areas of interest are international criminal law, international human rights law, and international humanitarian law. During her studies, she has conducted research on various topics such as the reintegration and rehabilitation policies in the Netherlands for radicalised children, functional definitions of statehood and self-determination at the ICC, the extraterritorial application of human rights, legality of UAVs strikes and targeted killings.