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Graig R. Klein


Graig R. Klein is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. His research explores the instrumentality of political violence, primarily terrorism and protests, and how dissident-government interactions inform tactical and strategic evolution in conflict processes, international security, and national security. Graig has published his research in leading international peer-review journals including International Organization, Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Defence and Peace Economics, and Conflict Management and Peace Science. He also actively applies his research to public policy, political analyses, and general interest having written pieces for The Monkey Cage, Political Violence @ A Glance, Diplomatic Courier, and London School of Economics – US Centre (USAPP). In addition to his faculty position, he has served as an Academic Primary Investigator at the World Bank. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Binghamton University and a M.A. in International Peace & Conflict Resolution from American University, as well as studied at American University in Cairo and conducted fieldwork in Iraq.

Recent Publications:

Abbas, T., Somoano, I.B., Cook, J., Frens, I., Klein, G.R., and McNeil-Willson, R. The Buffalo attack – An analysis of the manifesto. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 18 May 2022

Klein, Graig R. The Leader of ISIS is Dead, but are Targeted Killings Effective? Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 10 February 2022

Klein, Graig R. Reframing Threats from Migrants in Europe. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 13 December 2021

Klein, Graig R. 2021. Refugees, Perceived Threat & Domestic Terrorism. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. Online First: October 31.

Fisher, Scott, Graig R. Klein, and Juste Codjo. forthcoming. FOCUSdata: Foreign Policy Through Language & Sentiment. Foreign Policy Analysis.

Klein, Graig R., José Cuesta, and Cristian Chagalj. 2021. The Nicaragua Protest Crisis in 2018-2019: Assessing the Logic of Government Responses to Protests. Journal of Politics in Latin America. Online First: July 7.

Tokdemir, Efe and Graig R. Klein. 2021. Strategic Interaction of Governments and Terrorist Groups in Times of Economic Hardship. Defence and Peace Economics. Online First: June 14.

Boddery, Scott S. and Graig R. Klein. 2021. Presidential Use of Diversionary Drone Force and Public Support. Research & Politics. Online first: May 26.                                      

Farrer, Benjamin and Graig R. Klein. 2019. How Radical Environmental Violence Impacts US Elections. Terrorism and Political Violence. Online first: Nov. 4.

Klein, Graig R. and Efe Tokdemir. 2019. Domestic Diversion: Selective Targeting of Vulnerable Minorities. Conflict Management and Peace Science 36(1): 20-41.

Klein, Graig R. and Patrick M. Regan. 2018. Protest Dynamics. International Organization 72(2): 485-521.