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Joshua Farrell-Molloy


Joshua Farrell-Molloy joined ICCT as a research intern for the Current and Emerging Threats programme in February 2022. He is currently completing an International Master’s degree in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies with the University of Glasgow, University of Trento and Charles University Prague, where he continues to work part-time as a research assistant. He holds a BA in International Relations from Dublin City University and previously worked as a research assistant for American University in Washington for a project on foreign fighters.

In 2021, Joshua was also a research intern for the Institute of Strategic Dialogue’s Europe and Five Eyes Team, where he co-authored a publication on the dynamics between Australia’s political fringes on Twitter and authored a piece on Leftist gun culture on Instagram. His main research interests are on foreign fighters, online extremist subcultures and the far-right.

Key ICCT Publications:

Van Dongen, T., and Farrell-Molloy, J. One Year of Taliban Rule in Afghanistan: A predictable Disaster. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 26 August 2022

Vugteveen, M., and Farrell-Molloy, J. Turkish Military Offensive in Syria: Consequences for Counter-Terrorism Operations. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 28 June 2022

Farrell-Molloy, J., and Macklin, G. Ted Kaczynski, Anti-Technology Radicalism and Eco-Fascism. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 15 June 2022

Van Dongen, T., Weijenberg, G., Vugteveen, M., and Farrell-Molloy, J. Foreign volunteers in Ukraine: security considerations for Europe. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 04 May 2022