Dr Julia Ebner is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), where she has led projects on online radicalisation, terrorism, conspiracy myths and hatespeech. Based on her research, she has given evidence to numerous governments, as well as advised intelligence agencies, tech firms and international organisations such as the UN, Europol and NATO. Julia regularly holds guest lectures at universities in the UK, Europe and the United States. She is an award-winning and internationally bestselling author of several books, including The Rage: The Vicious Circle of Islamist and Far-Right Extremism, Going Dark: The Secret Social Lives of Extremists and Going Mainstream: How Extremists Are Taking Over. Julia speaks fluent English, German and French and has intermediate Spanish and Mandarin skills. She holds a DPhil in Anthropology from the University of Oxford and is a Fellow at Oxford's Centre for the Study of Social Cohesion.