Martine Zeuthen is a new Associate Fellow at the ICCT and an Associate Fellow in the Terrorism and Conflict programme at RUSI. She is currently based in Kenya and set up RUSI’s operation in East Africa in 2014. She focusses on extremism and radicalisation, countering violent extremism (CVE), programme management and research methodology. Including from her role as team leader of the EU funded STRIVE HoA and STRIVE II programme. She is a Danish anthropologist (MSc) and is studying for a PhD in Crime and Security Studies at University College London.

Martine has extensive experience in the Horn of Africa implementing both primary (broad community focussed), secondary (at risk individual focussed) and tertiary (in prisons and rehabilitation facilities) terrorism prevention efforts and is well versed with the associated literature.

Martine is currently working on CVE research projects globally and in the Horn of Africa region, including as an example providing advise on the CVE arm of a UK funded police reform programme REINVENT, supporting the formulation of the Danish HoA Stabilisation and Peace Programme as well as leading one strand of a systematic literature review for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focussing on rehabilitation alongside several other research projects. Martine has also up until medio 2022 lead the M&E and research supporting a disengagement programme in Mogadishu and subsequently contributed to publications based on research conducted with former members of Al Shabaab.

Key Publications: 

A Guide to Deradicalisation & Disengagement Programming (

Journeys through Extremism: The Experiences of Former Members of Al-Shabaab