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Rik Coolsaet


Prof Dr. (em) Rik Coolsaet is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Ghent University (Belgium) and Senior Associate Fellow at the Egmont Institute in Brussels. In the 1980s and 1990s, he served as deputy chief of the Cabinet of the Belgian Minister of Defence and of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was appointed a member of the original European Commission’s Expert Group on Violent Radicalisation (established 2006) and the subsequent European Network of Experts on Radicalisation (ENER). His latest research dealt with the origins and shortcomings of the concept of radicalisation and includes “When do individuals radicalise?” (In: Diego Muro, Tim Wilson (Eds), Contemporary Terrorism Studies. Oxford University Press, 2022.

Key ICCT Publications: 

Coolsaet, R., and Renard, T. What the Zeitgeist can Tell us About the Future of Terrorism. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 09 June 2022

Coolsaet, R., and Renard, T. The Homecoming of Foreign Fighters in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: Policies and Challenges. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 11 April 2018