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Tricia Bacon

Associate Fellow, Current and Emerging Threats


Tricia Bacon, PhD, is an Associate Professor at American University’s School of Public Affairs. She directs the Policy Anti-Terrorism Hub at American University. She is the author of Why Terrorist Organizations Form International Alliances published with University of Pennsylvania Press in May 2018.

Prior to her employment at American University, Dr. Bacon worked on counter-terrorism for over ten years at the Department of State, including in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the Bureau of Counterterrorism, and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Her work on counter-terrorism in the intelligence community received numerous accolades, and she conducted research and analysis on counter-terrorism, with a focus on South Asia and Africa.

Dr. Bacon is a non-resident fellow with George Washington University's Program on Extremism. She serves on the Countering Terrorism & Extremism Program Advisory Council for the Middle East Institute and the editorial board of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism as well as Terrorism and Political Violence.

Her research focuses on terrorist and insurgent groups' behaviour and decision-making, U.S. counter-terrorism policy, and the role of intelligence in national security decision-making. She has published articles on terrorist group alliances, terrorist leadership, terrorist safe havens, and other related topics. She has recently finished a book titled Why Terrorist Groups Form International Alliances. Additionally, she published a recent article discussing peace deal between the Taliban and the United States.