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Willemijn Tiekstra

Programme Manager


Willemijn Tiekstra is a research fellow at ICCT. Her work focuses on the symbiosis of counter-terrorism measures, criminal law provisions and immigration powers, with a particular emphasis on the impact on human dignity and individual rights. Previously, she was a research assistant at the Clingendael institute. Her work at the Clingendael Institute focused on the implementation of European migration policies: implementation of internal EU policies as well as third country cooperation in the field of migration. Prior to working at the Clingendael Institute, Willemijn has worked as a Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague and at the Netherlands Embassy in Athens, where her activities were also related to analyzing and feeding into the development of migration policies.

Key Publications:

Tiekstra, W., Zweers, W., Innovation in EU Migration Policy: Towards a Truly Comprehensive Approach to Migration, Report, The Clingendael Institute, 6 September 2018.

Tiekstra, W., The Future of The European Migration System: Unlikely Partners?, Strategic Alert, The Clingendael Institute, 6 July 2017.