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Completed Projects

Criminal Justice Sector Responses: Morocco

The T.M.C. Asser Institute and ICCT, in conjunction with the Club of Magistrates of Morocco, conducted a workshop alongside the MATRA South “Administration of Justice” trainings organised by Asser in September 2013 as part of this completed project. Over 20 participants from the Moroccan justice sector participated in the event, following a request by Moroccan participants in the MATRA South Programme for the inclusion of counter-terrorism sessions in the overall programme.

This half-day counter-terrorism workshop, organised by Asser and ICCT in Rabat, Morocco, addressed policy, legal and organisational issues relevant to the prevention and prosecution of terrorism cases in Morocco. Specifically, it focussed on new methods of  using of evidence, terrorist financing, coordination of counter-terrorism related mechanisms, and the rights of the defence as well as victims. ICCT Director Peter Knoope and Research Fellow Claudio Matera coordinated the workshop. Peter Knoope noted that “this is a unique opportunity to continue the well-established corporation with Moroccan authorities in such an important segment of administering criminal justice: terrorism cases. The event provided a platform to discuss and identify the issues and needs of Moroccan participants in the criminal justice sector”.