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Foreign Fighters: Integrating Rehabilitation into Criminal Justice

On behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, ICCT undertook the project "Foreign Fighters: Integrating Rehabilitation Programmes into Criminal Justice Sector Responses."

This aimed to bring together experts from the judicial and the rehabilitation sectors to discuss the options and needs in this quickly-changing field. Research has shown that rehabilitation and disengagement programmes can be powerful tools especially when applied in conjunction with other responses. A closed-expert meeting was planned to look at how rehabilitation and disengagement programmes are currently used in the Foreign Fighter context (if at all), and what lessons can be learned from other programmes. The target audience of the seminar were experts and practitioners in the field of rehabilitation & reintegration, the criminal justice sector and others selected from a number of European Member States (Denmark, United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands).


About the project

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The closed expert meeting brought together over 30 experts from the judicial and the rehabilitation sectors to explore the use of rehabilitation and disengagement programmes are part of the criminal justice sector response to foreign fighters. Its aim was three-fold, namely to:

  • shed light on the current criminal justice sector approach to foreign fighters in the respective national jurisdictions of the participants;
  • explore opportunities for incorporating rehabilitation programmes into a criminal justice sector response at various stages of proceedings; and
  • exchange information and share good practices and lessons learned in this regard.

A comprehensive policy brief with recommendations based on the concept note, and the considerations and practices, discussed during the meeting was published.