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Foreign Terrorist Fighters Knowledge Hub

The Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) Knowledge Hub contains quantitative and qualitative data on those FTFs who have joined terrorist or violent extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, in particular ISIL/Da'esh. 

ICCT, along with its partner, the T.M.C Asser Institute, created this with contributions from the United States and Jordan as co-chairs the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCFT) FTF Working Group. It builds on the previous FTF Knowledge Hub hosted by and developed under the auspices of the GCTF. Despite this, it is an independent project designed to:

  • Provide insight and better understanding of the FTF phenomenon;
  • Facilitate the exchange and analysis of data and information to identify the ongoing trends and dynamics within the FTF phenomenon (offering an overall overview of FTFs globally, including women, children returnees, etc.); 
  • Inspire the development of rule of law-compliant FTF policies; 
  • Catalyse further implementation of GCTF's The Hague - Marrakech Memorandum.

Researchers from ICCT, together with those at the T.M.C Asser Institute, gathered open-source data from a total of thirty GCTF countries. They conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis regarding criminal procedures, administrative measures, surveillance measures, and the prevention policies that are in place in these countries.

Building from this research, the Hub contains individual country pages where visitors can find country-specific FTF-related data and information on countries’ responses to their citizens and residents joining terrorist or violent extremist groups. The Hub also showcases the legal framework governing these responses, relevant international standards and guidance concerning FTFs.

A separate library provides relevant academic research and policy briefs. Through the policy matrix, visitors can access information on preventive, administrative, criminal and surveillance measures, as well as rehabilitation and reintegration measures implemented by countries.

Access it here.

About the project

Extra body

The Foreign Terrorist Fighters Knowledge Hub will be freely accessible. It is aimed at policymakers, practitioners academics, journalists and students. In the future, additional data from already included countries as well as information from other countries, and pertaining to other conflict zones, may be added.

As such, the independent Knowledge Hub is looking for country-specific data, relevant research and literature on FTFs. We welcome the contribution of country-specific information, relevant research, policy responses, and detailed data on the FTF phenomenon from government officials and researchers alike. We also welcome information and data on preventive, administrative, criminal and surveillance measures, as well as rehabilitation and reintegration measures. To submit information, please fill out our questionnaire, and send it to

Please note that the researchers maintaining this website reserve the right to reject submissions and that published data will become publicly available. Information on the Knowledge Hub will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

For questions, comments, or general feedback reach out via