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Non-Violent Right-Wing Extremist Tactics

Significant shifts have occurred in the right-wing extremist movement in recent years, in particular in the mode of operation. Previously primarily known for its overt violent actions, we now see that right-wing extremists are increasingly opting for non-violent and more stealthy tactics. The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment sought to understand how to relate to these tactical shifts, in service of its mission to prevent violent extremism. The main questions driving this research project were:

1. What non-violent tactics - leading to social tension and radicalization - do right-wing extremists deploy and how can municipalities and other local partners counter them?

2. What non-violent tactics do right-wing extremists employ and how do they contribute to the normalization of right-wing extremist ideology and actions?

3. What kind of social impact does this normalization produce, and how 'damaging' is this to social stability?

4. What preventive measures can be taken on this?

5. What role can both the Ministry and municipalities play in this?


About the Project


ICCT conducted a literature review into the topic of non-violent right-wing extremist tactics.  ICCT presented initial findings to municipal policymakers during an expert roundtable on 11 July. Drawing on this, ICCT submitted a final report to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in October 2022.