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Completed Projects

Pathways to Becoming a Foreign Fighter: Tunisia

Together with Valens Global, ICCT was involved in a multi-year research project run by the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies (ITES) on the topic of returning foreign fighters. ICCT's role was primarily one of quality control, with responsibilities focused on reviewing the project's methodology and findings and contributing to the editorial process. In the first stage of the data gathering process, the work team conducted 30 interviews with “key actors” or “active stakeholders” in charge of running the daily life of detainees indicted on charges of terrorism in penitentiary centres. The team then interviews with more than 80 perpetrators. The resulting project report, finalised in 2018,  delved into the pathways to becoming a foreign fighter, and provided a basis for the development of policies aimed at responding to the Tunisian foreign fighter problem.