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Radicalisation Awareness Network Policy Support

ICCT is a core partner in the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network Policy Support (RAN PS) project. Launched in January 2021 and running through December 2024, RAN PS aims to bridge the gap between policymaking and research. RAN PS supports EU Member States and priority third countries in the prevention and countering of radicalisation, strategic communications, and evidence-based policymaking, through knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.

ICCT is a functional unit coordinator overseeing the organisation of the network's capacity-building and knowledge-sharing events. ICCT is also a lead implementing partner, providing subject matter expertise on EU priority topics including:

  • the management of returning foreign terrorist fighters and their families;
  • prison-exit work and risk assessment in prison;
  • strategic communications; and
  • the threat posed by conspiracy theories, disinformation and the mainstreaming of radical discourses

In 2021-2022 alone, ICCT wrote 13 research papers and delivered 11 capacity-building events engaging approximately 500 policymakers from across Europe. Additionally, ICCT co-ordinated more than 50 trainings, workshops, study visits, and MS meetings delivered by other consortium partneres.

Importantly, ICCT also has a leading role in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of RAN Policy Support activities, focused on assessing the impact of RAN Policy Support on evidence-based policymaking across the EU.

RAN Policy Support papers and working documents are available exclusively to policymakers from EU Member States. Please contact ICCT RAN Policy Support ( to request access.

More information on RAN Policy Support is also available on the European Commission's website.

The project is delivered by an EU-wide consortium of research institutions, led by CIVIPOL.