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Strengthening Protections of Sentenced Persons: Western Balkans

As part of the joint Council of Europe - European Union project "Strengthening the protection of rights of sentenced persons", ICCT was contracted to provide experts on the topic of radicalisation and in the prison environment. The overall objective of this intervention was to strengthen the protections of the rights of sentenced persons in line with the Council of Europe standards.

About the project

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In October 2018, ICCT staff conducted a two-day workshop on risk assessment for violent extremist offenders in the prison context in North Macedonia. This delved into how to develop screening, as well as RNA tools and methodology for the development of an individual intervention plan for radicalised sentenced persons. In February 2019, this was followed by a one-week training where two designated multi-disciplinary teams were trained on the screening and RNA tool in the Shtip and Idrizova prisons. Following this, a final report was submitted to the Council of Europe with further recommendations for the development of specific management and training needs pertaining to these prison populations.