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Transatlantic Fellowship Programme

ICCT’s Transatlantic Fellowship Program seeks to build and strengthen the mutual understanding between the United States and the Netherlands through carefully designed short-term visiting fellowships.

These short-term visits aim to offer insights and exchange experiences between U.S. and Dutch experts and policymakers, and inform the debate on timely topics in efforts to enhance international security. By doing so, the ICCT Transatlantic Fellowship Program seeks to defend and strengthen shared values between the Netherlands and the United States with regard to human rights and the mutual interest to protect and promote freedom and democracy.

ICCT’s Transatlantic Fellowship Program is funded by the Municipality of The Hague.


About the project

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In 2019, Robert Kahn became the inaugural ICCT Transatlantic Fellow. He delivered a closed-door event to staff of The Hague Municipality on the topic of identifying and countering hate speech, as well as a live online briefing on the subject "A Thin Line – Freedom of Expression vis-à-vis (Extremist) Hate Speech."

In 2022, Tommi Kotonen became ICCT's most recent Transatlantic Fellow. During his partnership with ICCT, he delved into research on the longevity of right-wing extremist groups. In 2023, he published a report on this topic, and presented his findings to an audience of stakeholders in The Hague.