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Policy Brief

The 10th Anniversary of the Global Counterterrorism Forum: Time to Outgrow the Adolescence

22 Nov 2021
Long read by Bibi van Ginkel

The Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) was established in September 2011. The objective was to to set up a nimble, action-oriented, informal network with a limited membership to operate as an incubator for global counter-terrorism (CT) responses. The question raised in this policy brief is whether the GCTF, ten years since its inception, is still fit for purpose.

In the policy brief, the author reflects on the achievements of the GCTF, and the added value of the Forum in the international CT landscape. Four key challenges are highlighted that relate to the effectiveness of the GCTF, the eroding commitment of GCTF Members, the challenges to the legitimacy of the GCTF, and the lack of inclusiveness. Subsequently recommendations are offered with several concrete proposals to address these challenges, that can assist in keeping the GCTF fit for purpose also in the next decade.